The Star: Club’s artistic effort for rare cause

It was an evening of charity on the “Art for All” public sale and exhibition organised with the aid of using Rotary Club of Utara Subang Jaya (RCUSJ) with HELP International School.

The fundraiser in useful resource of youngsters and adults with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), noticed over 50 works with the aid of using 20 artists placed up for public sale with the aid of using Christie`s Malaysia.

Among the contributions became a signature acrylic piece titled “RTC Summer” with the aid of using artist Poesy Liang.
“If I need to make a contribution to a cause, it's miles higher for me to present my signature, ” she stated on the occasion held at HELP International School in Shah Alam.

RCUSJ president Datuk Seri J. Jayasiri stated the concept for an public sale had stemmed from the preference to do some thing unique from preceding fundraisers.

“This initiative is the end result of efforts with the aid of using individuals, Datin Seri Sweelin Jayasiri and Yap Sook Yee, ” he added.A overall of RM70,000 became raised via the public sale. HELP International School essential Martin Van Rijswijk stated, “We are very thankful to RCUSJ for starting up this.” Seventy percentage of the proceeds may be channelled to WeCareJourney (WCJ).

WCJ co-founder Edmund Lim stated, “To have an employer like RCUSJ on board to assist us enhance attention of this circumstance may be very encouraging. It facilitates us validate the significance of SMA.”
Lim and his wife, Yap, who's WCJ co-founder, have devoted their lives to the cause.

The couple`s son Branden, who has SMA Type 2, additionally contributed his works of art to the public sale. Ainaa Farhanah Amali, 24, gave an inspiring speech on her adventure with SMA. “There is remedy for SMA. Unfortunately it isn't always to be had in Malaysia, ” stated Ainaa, whose paintings titled “Pure” became some of the auctioned pieces.

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah, who became present, stated “This fundraiser additionally increases attention of SMA which does now no longer accumulate tons attention.

“I wish extra NGOs, personal corporations in addition to the authorities can get on board to spotlight such uncommon diseases,” she added.

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